Virtue, Conversation, Knowledge: Plato and Beyond

Tomorrow - May 31, 2024
Department of Philosophy, King's College London

K2.31 (Nash Lecture Theatre)
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

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  • Foundation for Platonic Studies


King's College London
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Cornell University
King's College London
Princeton University
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King's College London
King's College London

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Virtue, Conversation, Knowledge: Plato and Beyond, 30-31 May 2024, King’s College London

Department of Philosophy, King’s College London is pleased to announce a workshop organised in honour of M.M. McCabe titled: Virtue, Conversation, Knowledge: Plato and Beyond. 


Thursday, 30 May 2024

10:00-11:15 Joachim Aufderheide (KCL) - Sipping Wisdom: The Virtues of Intoxication in Plato's Laws

11:30-12:45 Rachel Barney (Toronto) - Protagoras and the Sightlovers

14:00-15:15 Branislav Kotoc (KCL) - Courage and Conversation in the Laches

15:30-16:45 Fiona Leigh (UCL) - Elenchus, Dialectic, and Epistemic Virtue in the Republic

17:15-18:30 Frisbee Sheffield (Cambridge) - The Ethics of Inquiry and the Importance of Character

18:30 Edith Hall (Durham) - On M.M. McCabe

Friday, 31 May 2024

10:00-11:15 Pauliina Remes (Uppsala) - Conflicting and Hierarchical Norms of Conversation: The Protagoras and the Gorgias

11:30-12:45 Melissa Lane (Princeton) - 'To Know is to Act; to Act is to Know': Plato's Republic on How to Educate True Rulers

14:00-15:15 Verity Harte (Yale) - Fighting Words: The Philebus and Gorgias

15:30-16:45 Rachana Kamtekar (Cornell) - Aristotle on Why We [Should] Blame 'Ignorance in the decision'

17:00 M.M. McCabe - Closing Remarks

Location: Nash Lecture Theatre (K2.31), Strand Campus, King's College London

The workshop is free and open to all, however, registration is needed. To register, please visit: 

The workshop is organised with the generous support of the Foundation for Platonic Studies.

For enquiries, please contact Branislav Kotoc ([email protected]).

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Tomorrow, 9:00am BST

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