CFP: Etica-Mente

Submission deadline: December 15, 2024

Topic areas



The paper should focus on any philosophical issues linked to the concept of limes — a latin word for limit — and as such, it invites contributions from several philosophical fields. Papers might refer to the limits of human nature and focus on one or more perspectives of philosophical anthropology, e.g., Scheler, Gehlen, Plessner. The topic of the limitedness of the human condition might be discussed with reference to modern ethics, e.g., Pascal, Descartes, Kierkegaard, or to contemporary philosophy and its wide production, e.g., existentialism. Papers might highlight the role of technology in shaping the human condition and whether it sets new limits, e.g, Ortega y Gasset, Heidegger, or whether it calls for a discussion on the limits of life standards as in the perspectives of social ethics or environmental ethics. Other possible topics might focus on the concept of hybris and how it relates to virtue, liberty. The concept of limit also invites an exploration of alterity: what is beyond the border, as a stranger, as a migrant, as other. The limits in terms of borders between sexes and the social discriminations, e.g., de Beauvoir, feminism. The border also separates exterior from interior: the topic of the self might be analyzed, in relation with the concept of identity, loneliness, alienation. Analyses of inclusive perspectives might be central for this CFP.  Hence, limit also refers to border and can be analyzed in the dialectic of open/close in political philosophy, e.g., Popper, Foucault, or since the theories on the just society in ancient philosophy, e.g., Plato, Aristotle, up to Contractarianism. Limits might refer to the limitedness of human knowledge, as in Kant, or also in terms of the limits of humans senses and perceptions, exploring the topics of epistemology, or the limits of language, e.g., Wittgenstein or other contributions in philosophy of language. Papers might consider the attempt of overcome the human limits discussing the role of God and deities in philosophy of religion, in western or non-western traditions.

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