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Submission deadline: September 1, 2024


The Agonist Fall 2024 Issue: Nietzsche and Democracy

Call for Papers


As another American presidential election looms large over 2024, it seems appropriate to reflect on what Nietzsche has to say about democracy, both as a political form of organization, narrowly construed, and its broader cultural implications. Nietzsche is critical of democracy, calling it among other things, “a decaying form of the State.” (Twilight of the Idols, 39) Nevertheless, some writers, for instance Hatab (1999) and Jonas & Yasek (2018), view Nietzsche’s attitude toward democracy as complicated by his educational philosophy and critique of philosophical orthodoxy which may suggest tools that can be utilized towards democratic ends. For the Fall 2024 issue, we welcome papers from all philosophical backgrounds that explore the relationship between Nietzsche’s thought and democracy.

Deadline: September 1, 2024

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