Philosophy of Mathematical Practice Workshop

April 19, 2024
Department of Philosophy, University of Oxford

Ryle Room (1st floor)
Radcliffe Humanities, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road
Oxford OX2 6GG
United Kingdom

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University of Oxford
University of Oxford

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9.30 – 11 am: Bill D'Alessandro. Toward a Methodology for Philosophy of Mathematical Practice

11.30 am – 1 pm: Line Edslev Andersen. Interviewing Mathematicians about Proofs

2.30 – 3.15 pm [Postgraduate Session]: Mark Rothery. How Powerful Can Enumerative Induction in Mathematics Be?


3.15 – 4pm [Postgraduate Session]: Sabina Domínguez Parrado. Assessing the Practice-Based Arguments for Realist Set-theoretic Pluralism

4.30 – 6 pm: Alan Baker. Structure, Structuralism, and the Practice of Applied Mathematics



 A.C. Paseau and Bill D’Alessandro

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