CFP: 46th PHAVISMINDA International Conference

Submission deadline: July 16, 2024

Conference date(s):
September 27, 2024 - September 29, 2024

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This event is available both online and in-person

Conference Venue:

Eastern Visayas State University (Ormoc Campus)
Ormoc City, Philippines

Topic areas


The intersectionality of Thomas Aquinas’ and Michel Foucault’s philosophy unveils intriguing parallels and divergences in understanding power, knowledge, and the human condition. Despite their philosophical disparities, both thinkers converge in recognizing the pervasive influences of power structures in shaping individual identities and social dynamics. This year, 2024, marks the 750th of Aquinas’ and 40th of Foucault’s demise, a remarkable year for both thinkers. PHAVISMINDA through its 46th International Conference offers a unique opportunity to engage with the legacies of these two influential thinkers, spanning centuries and continents. Their dialogues continue to echo across the crossroads of medieval and contemporary periods bringing together diverse voices and perspectives and fostering a deeper understanding of their enduring legacies and their relevance to philosoph

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