CFP: Zeno’s Paradoxes Today

Submission deadline: June 15, 2024

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Dear Colleagues,

Zeno counter-attacked the critics of Parmenides' view that there is no change and no plurality in the world; to Parmenides critics, everyday experience seemed to render this view paradoxical. In a brilliant series of arguments, Zeno responded by counter-asserting the paradoxical nature of both change and plurality. The incisive quality of Zeno’s work was attested by the vast literature, continuing from ancient into contemporary times, seeking to answer, even solve, these paradoxes. The varied and original responses to Zeno’s arguments have continued to drive advances in our understanding of areas of philosophical research central to ontology, including motion, change, causation, plurality, the infinite and the continuum—amongst many others.

In this Special Issue, we seek to showcase work that continues in this creative tradition—work that advances original ideas that respond to Zeno’s paradoxes. Articles may cast light on the paradoxes, or perhaps offer novel contributions to other areas of philosophical research inspired by the paradoxes. Contributors are welcome to engage in their articles with contemporary developments in areas adjacent to philosophy, such as mathematics, physics and science.

Dr. John Pemberton
Prof. Dr. Anna Marmodoro
Guest Editors

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