Science and Democracy

September 10, 2024 - September 11, 2024
University College Dublin

Newman House, University College Dublin
85/86 St Stephens Green

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Conference: Science and Democracy

Science has long been considered the cornerstone of modern knowledge and progress, yet its relationship with democracy remains complex and contested. As science increasingly influences governance and policy-making, questions arise about the compatibility of scientific expertise with democratic ideals. The aim of the Science and Democracy conference at University College Dublin, Ireland, is to explore and dissect this intricate relationship, inviting philosophers as well as scholars working at the intersection between philosophy and other disciplines.

Professor Heather Douglas, whose work has been central to this research area, will deliver the keynote address of the conference.

This conference is jointly hosted by the Science and Democracy (SciDem) research project, funded by the UiO:Democracy research initiative at the University of Oslo and the PERITIA Network of Research on Trust and Expertise,  coordinated from UCD.

Contact Information: For inquiries and submission details, please contact  Dr Silvia Ivani, [email protected].

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