Substructural Approaches to Paradox

November 25, 2013 - November 26, 2013
University of Barcelona


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Organisers: Elia Zardini, José Martínez (LOGOS, University of Barcelona)



Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning interest in the application of substructural logics as a crucial component of philosophically motivated solutions to traditionally intractable paradoxes like the semantic paradoxes and the paradoxes of vagueness. Such solutions have proved to offer new valuable insights into those paradoxes, complementing those provided by more “traditional” non-substructural solutions that also revise classical logic. The workshop proposes to take stock of the current trends in this thriving area of philosophy of logic.



Monday 25 November

10.00–11.30: Peter Schröder-Heister, Luca Tranchini, “Ekman’s Paradox”

11.50–13.20: Julien Murzi, “Contraction-Freedom, Instability and Revenge”

15.00–16.30: Lionel Shapiro, “How and Why to Get One’s Head around noncontractive Responses to Paradox”

16.50–18.20: Elia Zardini, “A and Omega”

Tuesday 26 November

10.00–11.30: Pablo Cobreros, Paul Égré, Dave Ripley, Robert van Rooij, “Interpreting and Reasoning Pragmatically with Vague Expressions”

11.50–13.20: Heather Burnett, “Vague Predication, Definiteness and Distributivity”

15.00–16.30: Francesco Paoli, “Sorites Paradox: Substructural Logics Meet Truth Degrees”

16.50–18.20: Alan Weir, “Could Entailment Be Non-Transitive? A Comparison of Some Recent Views”

Please notice that all titles are tentative. The workshop will take place at the Faculty of Philosophy (room: Seminari de filosofia), carrer Montalegre 6, Barcelona. Registration is free, but if you plan to attend you must let Paco Murcia know at: at


The workshop is organised in the framework of E. Zardini’s Marie Curie Project “A Non-Contractive Theory of Naive Semantic Properties: Logical Developments and Metaphysical Foundations” and is generously co-funded by LOGOS, by the projects “Reference, Self-Reference and Empirical Data” (coordinated by J. Martínez) and “The Makings of Truth” (coordinated by D. López de Sa) and by the Workpackage B2 “Issues in Semantics” (coordinated by M. Kölbel) of PERSP.

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