27th Generative Art International Conference

December 17, 2024 - December 19, 2024
UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice

Castello 4930
Venice 30122

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We kindly invite you to participate in the 27th Generative Art International Conference and we are very pleased to communicate to you that our Conference gained the support of the Italian National Commission of UNESCO for "the great value of the GA activities considering the result of the previous Conferences and the interest shown by researches from all over the world".
The location of the next GA conference is in Venice, Italy, at the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Castello 4930, 30122 Venice.
The dates are the 17th, 18th, and 19th of December 2024. (https://www.generativeart.com).
The conference focus on:
Future Visions on Past Steps"
Humanity & AI. The theme of this conference focuses on how to preserve human complexity, with generative art and AI.
Art, poetry, music, architecture, and historic cities need generative ideas for their adaptation to the deep new demands of our fast-changing time.
Our field of interest is to identify these possibilities and relate the most advanced creative approaches of Generative Art and AI.
We will be happy to present your generative approach.
This can be done through generative ideas that could safeguard specific identities of Art, Nature, and History.
After 26 years of GA conferences, the generative and AI approaches are finally running in our everyday lives. So we will be happy if we will discuss this.
This year the conference will run not only in presence but we will try to plan also an exhibition of your artworks in a GA metaverse. A session of Voices of Poetry will run during the performance session.
XXVII GA Conference is organized by the ARGENIA Association.

If you would like to share your scientific and creative work and your generative art and design experiences, please send us an abstract for a proposal of paper, artwork, installation, poster, and/or live performances (the template is on the website www.generativeart.com).


Started in 1998, the annual Generative Art conferences are the international leading meetings involving researchers, Ph.D. and creative people performing generative advanced approaches. As in the 26 previous annual conferences, our choice is to have ONLY ONE MAIN SESSION (3 days) with around 40 paper presentations (in presence and, only if necessary, online); an exhibition with posters and artworks; some installations and generative live-performances, whose movies will be also published in the website of the conference. This is because we like to increase the possibilities of knowing each other, exchanging experiences, and crossing opinions.
We don't like parallel sessions and all accepted people will be like KEYNOTE SPEAKERS, scheduled in ONLY ONE MAIN SESSION.
More than 1500 papers, artworks, and live performances presented at previous conferences are on the GA website: http://www.generativeart.com for a free consultation.

The DEADLINE for sending your proposals (abstracts of papers, posters, artworks, installations, live performances and poetry voices) is the 3rd of September 2024 and we are sure that, with your contributions, GA2024, the 27th Generative Art meeting, will be, once more, a place where ideas, results, and opinions will be exchanged and where knowing people working with similar design approaches, in a wide range of different disciplines, will be possible.
We are working to organize these three days of the conference to maximize the knowledge and exchange of opinions among the participants and also for experimenting with new possibilities of technology, like Generative AI focused also in the 2D and 3D environments.
Looking forward to meeting you at this conference in Venice
Kindest regards,
Celestino Soddu and Enrica Colabella
Chairs of Generative Art Conferences
[email protected]
[email protected]
www.generativeart.com (the GA conference website)
www.gasathj.com (the Generative Art Science and Technology hard Journal)
www.generativedesign.com (Generative Design Lab and personal website)
www.artscience-ebookshop.com (for downloading free books and all the proceedings of the Generative Art conferences)
www.generativeworld.it (with a GA metaverse also for the exhibition)

You can find all info on the conference website: www.generativeart.com
The PROCEEDINGS will be published in a (paper) book (with ISBN  international number) before the conference. The book will contain the (double-reviewed) papers, posters, artwork, poetries, and performances/presentations. So the proceedings will be available in time for the conference.
More, the best-focused contributions will be also published in the journal GASATHJ, Generative Art Science and Technology hard Journal (https://www.gasathj.com) after a selection and review for upgrading the papers into a multimedia article fitting the character of the Journal.

TOPICS of GENERATIVE ART INCLUDE (but are not limited to):
Art, Science & Technology, Generative Art, Generative Design, Generative Philosophy, Generative AI, Generative Singularity and AI Identity, Digital Design & AI Production, Generative Architecture, Generative Geometry, Generative Music, Live Coding Music, Procedural Sounds, Generative Robotics, Cities Identity & Town Design, Mathematics, Poetic Logic, Poetry, Singularity and Generative approach, Biomimetics, Psychology and Medicine Generative models, Culture of Algorithms, Complex non-linear systems, Chaotic Dynamic Structures, Digital Culture, Visionary Art, Visionary Design, Visionary Paradigm, Generated 3D models for 3D printers, Topology, Algorithmic Art, Encoding Art & Sciences, Web Art, Nanoart, Evolutionary Design, Philosophy & Technology, Visionary Scenarios & Virtual Environment, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Artificial Behaviors, Futuring Past, Teaching Theory and Methodology, Creative Advanced Teaching  
- Sending proposals: 3rd of September 2024 (or earlier, if you like, in order to receive an official invitation letter asap)  
- Acceptance confirmation: 15 October 2024 (double reviewed)  
- Registration, also for paying a reduced fee: 30 October 2024
- 9 November 2024. Final papers (or long text presentations of artworks/installations / live performances) for publication. This is also the deadline for sending images and movies to be exhibited in the GA metaverse exhibition.

Please, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]  or [email protected]    

- EARLY SUBMISSION: If a letter of invitation is needed for funding applications or to obtain a visa, please specify it and the proposals will be reviewed within 15 days.
Please note:
- No funds are available by the GA2024 organization.
- To ensure a high-quality conference, all abstracts and papers will be double-reviewed by the Conference Chair and the Scientific Committee.
- The proceedings of GA2024 will be printed in advance (with ISBN international number) to give written support to the conference and enhance the discussions. The proceedings will be published as a hardcopy paper book by Domus Argenia Publisher with all the accepted papers, posters, artworks, installations, poetries and live performance presentations. The book will be available in time for the conference. A parallel e-book will be available for all participants.
- All contributions presented and accepted will also be published on the website www.generativeart.com after the conference.


for attending the conference:
- FREE entrance to (only) attending the conference, Signing up is requested for reserving the seats. (send an email with your data to [email protected]
- Reduced fee (euro 450 within October 20) for invited people and people whose paper, poster, artwork, installation, and live performance are accepted by the scientific committee. The fee will cover conference location expenses and (only for people in presence) the hardcopy book of proceedings, a bag with other materials, 3 lunches, the conference dinner, the coffee breaks, and pizza snacks.
- Extra reduced fee (euro 390 within October 20) for aged people over 70 whose paper, poster, artwork, installation, and live performances are accepted by the scientific committee.
- NO FEE for students and young artists (born after 2000) attending the conference in presence and presenting posters or artworks. (without getting the hardcopy proceedings book, lunches, and dinner)

As for the previous conferences, having chosen not to have sponsors, the fee is necessary and it will cover only the conference expenses.
All info at http://www.generativeart.com  

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October 30, 2024, 9:00am CET

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