Knowledge of Transcendent Objects

May 8, 2014 - May 9, 2014
Institute for Advanced Study, New Europe College

Str. Plantelor 21
Bucharest 023971

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  • Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Sweden)

All speakers:

Sorin Baiasu
Keele University
Francesca Biagioli
Université Aix-Marseille
Princeton University
Max Edwards
Reto Gubelmann
University of Zürich
Bryan Hall
Indiana University Southeast
Desmond Hogan
keynote, Princeton University
Sebastian Stein
Oxford University
Marco Toscano
University of Zürich
Ioannis Trisokkas
New Europe College Institute for Advanced Study


Ioannis Trisokkas
New Europe College Institute for Advanced Study

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In the Critique of Pure Reason Kant argues in various ways that the knowledge of transcendent objects sought by traditional metaphysics is an impossibility, an ‘illusion'. The term ‘transcendent objects’ is understood by Kant to refer to the indeterminate domain of the object in general, to objects (or ‘things’) in themselves and to the three objects to which traditional metaphysicians mainly directed their attention, namely God, the soul and the world as a whole. The purpose of the workshop is to reexamine Kant's conclusion and the ways in which it might be challenged, so considering afresh the problem of knowledge of transcendent objects.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

10.30-11.45: KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Desmond Hogan (Princeton), 'Noumenal
Knowledge and the Patchwork Theory'

12.00-13.15: Andrew Chignell (Cornell), 'The Modal Condition on Knowledge
as Coherence with the Laws of Nature'

14.30-15.45: Reto Gubelmann & Marco Toscano (Zürich), 'The Wise Author of
the World as a Condition for the Possibility of Scientific Inquiry?'

16.00-17.15: Francesca Biagioli (Aix-Marseille), 'Riehl’s Realism about the
Thing in Itself and the Role of Metaphysics in the Sciences'

17.30-18.45: Max Edwards (UCL), 'Transcendental Idealism, Transcendent
Objects and Apperception'

Friday, 9 May 2014

10.30-11.45: Sorin Baiasu (Vienna/Keele), 'Kant’s Knowledge of Transcendent

12.00-13.15: Bryan Wesley Hall (Indiana), 'Transcendental Material
Existence in Kant'

14.30-15.45: Sebastian Stein (Oxford/Heidelberg), 'The Inescapable Subject:
Fichte’s Critique of Kant'

16.00-17.15: Ioannis Trisokkas (NEC-IAS), 'Intellectual Intuition and
Knowledge of Transcendent Objects'

PARTICIPATION: All welcome. Participation is free. There is no
registration, but if you intend to participate, it would be helpful for us
to know it! If you are traveling from abroad and requiring assistance of
any kind, please contact the organizer.

ORGANIZER: Ioannis Trisokkas (EntE NEC-IAS Fellow) []

This workshop is organized in the framework of the Europe next to Europe
Program at the New Europe College, supported by the Riksbankens
Jubileumsfond (Sweden).

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