Understanding Value XII

July 15, 2024 - Yesterday
Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield

LT6 & LT7
The Diamond, 32 Leavygreave Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield
Sheffield S3 7RD
United Kingdom

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  • White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities
  • The Aristotelian Society
  • The Analysis Trust


University of Sheffield
University of York
CUNY Graduate Center
University of St. Andrews
University of St. Andrews
Nottingham University


University of Sheffield

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Understanding Value XII is the twelfth instalment of a highly successful postgraduate conference at the university of Sheffield that aims at cultivating postgraduate work in a welcoming and inclusive space. The conference will take place from the 15th to 17th of July. Confirmed keynote speakers for this year are Ben Davies (University of Sheffield) and Linda Martin Alcoff (CUNY), Christopher Woodart (Nottingham), Dorothea Debus (Konstanz) and John Skorupski (St Andrews).

The conference is accepting talks on issues surrounding human experiences and human values broadly construed. The notion of value is one that has far reaching applications and implications in and beyond philosophical discourse; as such, we welcome talks from any area of philosophy or interdisciplinary research. This includes, but is not limited to: 

Ethics (meta-, normative, and applied), aesthetics (including the philosophy of literature, film, fine arts, and so on), epistemology (individual or social), political philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of medicine, history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, meta- philosophy, and metaphysics. Further, we welcome inter- and transdisciplinary contributions, provided that they have connections to philosophical discussions of value.

Submissions are welcome from any students that are studying at or above a masters level, including researchers who have completed a PhD less than two years before the conference date. Speakers will be allocated 20 minutes for their presentation, followed by 10 minutes of questions. We strongly encourage abstracts from students whose backgrounds are underrepresented within their discipline. 

Submission Instructions

We do not require that a completed paper is submitted for review. Rather, please submit abstracts of 500 words or fewer. Abstracts should be prepared for blind review (removing all content that may identify you as the author) and sent to [email protected]

Submissions must be accompanied by a cover sheet, attached as a separate file and providing the following information:

Author(s)’s name(s),

Email Address(es),

Institutional affiliations(s), 

The title of your talk,

Three key works on the topic of your talk,

The submission date for abstracts is the 17th of May. 

We are eager to support researchers from backgrounds that are underrepresented in their academic discipline. To aid in this endeavour, if you believe that this description applies to yourself, and wish to identify yourself as such, please include this information on your cover sheet as well. 

Please ensure that both files are in pdf or docx format, and note that there is a limit of one submission per author. 

More details on event registration to follow.

We look forward to receiving your submissions 

Charles Potter, Harry Lomas, Alvaro Rodriguez Gonzalez, Delphine Choquel 

(Members of Organising Committee)

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Yesterday, 5:00pm BST

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