Argumentation in the 21st Century | The Challenges: People, Societies and Cultures

October 10, 2024 - October 11, 2024
Department of Philosophy, Communication and Information , Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra

Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Coimbra, Portugal)
Coimbra Portugal

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University of Coimbra

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The members of the Scientific Committee (and also "Keynote Speakers") are: Profs. 

Frans van Eemeren ("Chair": University of Amsterdam and University of Leiden, NL),

Bart Garssen (University of Amsterdam, NL)

Hubert Marraud (Autonomous University of Madrid)

Isabela Fairclough (University of Central Lankashire, UK) 

Wu Peng (Jiangsu University, CN) 

Xie Yun (Sun Yat-sen University, CN)

Scott Jacobs (University of Illinois, US)

Scott F. Aikin (Vanderbilt University, US) 

Fabrizio Macagno (University of Lisbon, PT)

António M. Martins (University of Coimbra, PT)

Henrique J. Ribeiro (University of Coimbra, PT).

The main themes of the International Colloquium are: (1) The need to conceive of argumentation from an international and intercivilizational perspective, considering that the way one argues and its objectives vary not only from society to society (or from culture to culture) but also from civilization to civilization. (2)  The need to analyze the current state of studies on rhetoric and argumentation, considering that there is not just one single model for the evaluation and interpretation of arguments, but several, disagreeing with each other, and a clear break between the schools that emphasize the dialectical matrix and those that put the accent on the rhetorical matrix.

The International Colloquium has two calls for papers:

1st: from May 15 to June 20, 2024;

2nd: from July 15 to September 1, 2024.

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