Women and Minorities in the Philosophical Tradition

April 26, 2014
University of Kentucky

United States

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Keynote speakers:

Kathleen Higgins
University of Texas, Austin

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We will hold the conference on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 and feature keynote speaker Kathleen M. Higgins.

Themes may include but are not limited to: What is philosophy’s proper relationship to women and minorities? What role have women and minorities played historically within the philosophical tradition? How can philosophy benefit women and minorities and vice versa? What are some philosophical treatments of femininity, intersectionality, and the Other, and how do they fail or succeed? Etc. However, all quality papers in any philosophical style (analytic, historical, continental) will be considered. Papers of an interdisciplinary nature are strongly encouraged, as are those which focus on non-European philosophies and philosophers (e.g. American, African, Asian).

All queries should be emailed to: jenniferlhbrown [at] uky [dot] edu

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