Neopragmatism: Metaethics and Beyond

November 6, 2024 - November 7, 2024
Department of Philosophy, Dartmouth College

United States


Lund University
Dartmouth College

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There has been a resurgence interest in pragmatist approaches to old philosophical problems. Over the past 40 years, such approaches have been most prominent in work in metaethics, where they have been a topic of extensive discussion and controversy. But more recently, neo-pragmatist analyses have also been applied to other topics such as truth, possibility, knowledge, meaning and more. This workshop is intended to bring together philosophers who have worked on developing the neo-pragmatist approach and applying it to a variety of issues, in metaethics and beyond.

The workshop will be two full days (November 6-7, 2024), featuring presentations from the following speakers:
Christine Tiefensee (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)
Huw Price (University of Bonn, Cambridge)
Simon Blackburn (Cambridge)
Andrew Sepielli (University of Toronto)
Joshua Gert (College of William and Mary)
Ted Locke (University of Massachusetts)
Mark Warren (Daemen College)
Lionel Shapiro (University of Connecticut)
Niklas Dahl (Lund University)
Amie Thomasson (Dartmouth College)

Additional attendees are welcome at the conference, subject to space constraints. If you wish to attend and/or express interest in chairing a session, you are asked to preregister by emailing [email protected] with “Neopragmatism Workshop” in the subject line.

Prior to the conference, on November 4th, Huw Price will give the Gramlich lecture at Dartmouth College. All are welcome.

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