CFP: Special Issue on Dynamic Decision Theory

Submission deadline: July 31, 2024

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The Springer Journal Theory & Decision  is happy to announce a call for papers for a new special collection on

Dynamic Decision Theory

Guest Editors: Wolfgang Spohn, Gerard Rothfus, Mantas Radzvilas

Open for submission from 11 January 2024

Submission deadline: Extended to 31 July 2024


In case you are interested to participate, we would be grateful if you could express your noncommittal interest to [email protected] .


Traditionally, decision theory concerns how to act rationally in given decision situations, where rational action may of course encompass the adoption of extended plans or strategies. Dynamic decision theory is a dynamic extension thereof and has become an increasingly important topic within the theory of rational choice. Generally, it concerns rational requirements relating an agent’s decision situations at different times. Though many such requirements have been proposed, dynamic consistency is the central and most widely discussed of these.

Importantly, it has two different facets. The topic originated in economics from the problem of (endogenous) preference change. Dynamic consistency was then considered to be a central desideratum, leading, e.g., to theories of sophisticated choice. This strand of the discussion is still important in economics and has been recognized in philosophy as well. However, since E.F. McClennen’s important book Rationality and Dynamic Choice (1990), a different but likewise rich discussion has evolved in which dynamic consistency and other postulates are rather used as a test criterion for various decision rules in a dynamic setting. This perspective has, it seems, come to dominate the philosophical discussion.

We think it important to keep these two strands of the discussion united and to promote an exchange between them. This is the goal of the present special issue in Theory and Decision, which addresses important foundational issues in decision theory and has the potential to advance the field.

Any contribution to dynamic decision theory, whether from philosophy or from economics, is welcome.

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For this Special Issue, there are no paper length restrictions, but we recommend a length of 20-25 pages. To publish the entire Special Issue in a timely manner, we restrict potential revisions to a single round and request that a revised version be submitted within three months of notice. Otherwise, the Special Issue will follow the policies of the journal Theory and Decision. All submissions will undergo a single-anonymous peer-review process.

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