CFP: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy

Submission deadline: September 2, 2024

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The Journal of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy, sponsored by Beijing Normal University and launched by the International Center for Philosophy at Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai is planning to publish its inaugural issue later this year. As such, we are soliciting papers now.

The primary objective of the Journal of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy (JCCP) is to provide a platform for philosophers worldwide to showcase their latest scholarly work on topics that transcend the boundaries of traditional and modern Chinese philosophy.

Rather than limiting itself to a specific philosophical tradition, the JCCP serves as a broad-scope venue dedicated to research from all philosophical traditions and areas, highlighting the contributions to contemporary philosophical debates from China while facilitating conversations between Chinese and international philosophers. The JCCP aims to connect a network of philosophers working both inside and outside of China, and to present contemporary philosophical debates that resonate with the Chinese philosophical community.

JCCP is a general philosophy journal that welcomes submissions from all branches of philosophy, and we are committed to open access without charging authors.

Special issues: The JCCP plans to regularly curate special issues on specific topics. If you are interested in serving as a guest editor for these special issues, we invite you to submit your academic CV and a brief proposal. Please contact the JCCP Editorial Team (email: [email protected]).

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