Metaphysical Causation
Dr. Alastair Wilson (University of Birmingham)

January 21, 2014, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Institute of Philosophy, University of London

United Kingdom

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Tues 21 Jan, 5.00pm
Room 243, second floor, Senate House, WC1

Alastair Wilson (Birmingham)

Metaphysical Causation

Abstract: There is a systematic and suggestive analogy between grounding and causation. In my view, this is no coincidence: grounding and causation resemble one another because grounding is a type of causation. I defend the identification of grounding with metaphysical causation from some initial objections, and I draw on the causation literature to explore connections between grounding and counterfactuals. I outline a non-reductive counterfactual theory of grounding along interventionist lines, and use it to diagnose the prevalence of scepticism about grounding as deriving, at least in part, from scepticism about non-trivial counterpossible counterfactuals.

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