Analytical and Continental Philosophy: Methods and Perspectives

August 10, 2014 - August 16, 2014
University of Graz

Kirchberg am Wechsel

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37th International Wittgenstein Symposioum "Analytical and Continental Philosophy: Methods and Perspectives"
10-16 August 2014, Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria
Organizers: Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl & Harald A. Wiltsche (KFU Graz)
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1. Wittgenstein
2. Models of Objectivity and Current Challenges to Reasons’ Authority
3. Fact and Value
4. Intuitionism and Its Discontents
5. Embodied and Embedded: Naturalizing and Socializing the Mind
6. Metaphilosophy: Varieties of Philosophical Inquiry

The list of speakers include:
Marcia Baron (Indiana)
Michel Bitbol (Paris)
James Robert Brown (Toronto)
Christine Chwaszcza (Cologne)
Roberta De Monticelli (San Raffaele)
Sabine Döring (Tübingen)
Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg)
Steve Fuller (Warwick)
Peter Hacker (Oxford)
Robert Hanna (Colorado)
Walter Hopp (Boston)
Martin Kusch (Vienna)
Charles Larmore (Brown University)
Dieter Lohmar (Cologne)
Verena Mayer (Munich)
Uwe Meixner (Augsburg)
Karl Mertens (Würzburg)
Alva Noë (Berkeley)
Søren Overgaard (Copenhagen)
Hans Bernhard Schmid (Vienna)
Joachim Schulte (Zurich)
Charles Siewert (Houston)
Dan Zahavi (Copenhagen)

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