Evolution and Foundations of Ethics

May 1, 2014 - May 3, 2014
Neumann University

United States

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The 40th Conference on Value Inquiry "Evolution and Foundations of Ethics" will be held at Neumann University in Aston, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, 1-3 May 2014.  Broad participation is sought. Papers and proposals for papers that address how evolution may bear on ethics and considerations pertaining to foundations of ethics or wide-ranging normative concerns are particularly welcome.  Inquiries and submissions should be directed to the Conference Coordinator, Professor John Mizzoni, as soon as possible, but no later than April 1, 2014.  Papers should be between 20-25 minutes reading time to allow time for discussion.

Papers may be practically or theoretically oriented.  Topics may be disciplinary and range over issues within a single field of value inquiry such as normative ethics, applied ethics, political theory, or economics.  Topics may be interdisciplinary and range over issues between two or more fields of value inquiry.  Topics may be meta-disciplinary and range over purely conceptual issues important for fuller understanding of values, their relations to each other and to the world, and their role in ethical theory.  John Lemos will be among the keynote speakers.

To submit a paper, an abstract, or a proposal, or for additional information contact:

Professor John Mizzoni
Neumann University
One Neumann Drive
Aston, PA 19014-1298
(610) 361-5496 and (215) 407-4259
[email protected]

Thomas Magnell, Executive Director
The Conference on Value Inquiry

The Conference on Value Inquiry seeks to bring together those whose work
represents differences in interest, outlook, and expertise on questions of value.

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