Final CFA : “Philanthropy and Philosophy: Putting Theory into Practice”

Submission deadline: September 15, 2014

Conference date(s):
February 27, 2015 - February 28, 2015

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, University of Texas, Austin
Austin, United States

Topic areas


UT Austin Royal Ethics Conference invites current graduate students to submit original works on the following topic: “Philanthropy and Philosophy: Putting Theory into Practice” for consideration for presentation at the Royal Ethics Conference in Austin, Texas.

We invite submissions addressing the ethics of philanthropy, broadly construed, such as these:

Why should one give?  What is that wealthy penny-pinchers do not understand?  Is generosity a virtue?  Do we have a duty to give?  Are there imperfect or meritorious duties?  Is philanthropy supererogatory?  What is the connection between philanthropy and altruism:  can one be a selfish or self-interested philanthropist?

How should philanthropists weigh the values of various causes, such as religion, the arts, education, human rights, animal rights, and saving lives from hunger or disease?  Is it wrong to give money to the arts, when that money could have saved lives? What theoretical approach to ethics gives the best answers to such questions?


One student paper will be accepted for presentation at the Royal Ethics conference in Austin on February 27-28, 2015. The student selected will be awarded the 2015 Royal Ethics Graduate Student Paper Prize of $500, along with a grant to cover reasonable travel expenses to Austin.  The student paper presentation will take place during the conference.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words by September 15, 2014. 

Up to ten finalists will be selected by October 15 and asked to submit papers of no more than 5000 words by November 15.  The winner will be notified by December 1.

The page for online submission is

Please send any questions to [email protected]

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