Comparative Ancient and Medieval Political Thought

May 1, 2014
Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University

New Haven
United States

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The International Conference for the Study of Political Thought and the Whitney Humanities Center at Yale University invite you to a workshop on "Comparative Ancient and Medieval Political Thought" on Thursday,  May 1st. This day-long workshop brings together experts on the Chinese, Indian, Islamic, and Greek traditions to discuss the theme of universalism and particularism, and the benefits and pitfalls of cross-cultural comparison. To RSVP and download the readings for the workshop, visit   

8:45AM – Opening Remarks
Loubna El Amine (Yale University)
9AM to 10:30AM – The Indian Tradition
David Brick (Yale University, Chair)
Parimal Patil (Harvard University) 3:30PM to 4PM – Coffee Break
Phyllis Granoff (Yale University)
10:30AM to 11AM – Coffee Break
11AM to 12:30PM – The Chinese Tradition
Mick Hunter (Yale University, Chair)
Michael Nylan (University of California Berkeley)
David Wong (Duke University) Karuna Mantena (Yale University, Chair)
12:30PM to 2PM – Lunch
2PM to 3:30PM – The Greek Tradition
Steven Smith (Yale University, Chair)
Jill Frank (University of South Carolina)
Demetra Kasimis (California State University)
3:30PM to 4PM – Coffee Break
4PM to 5:30PM – The Islamic Tradition
Frank Griffel (Yale University, Chair)
Michael Nafi (John Abott College)
Ovamir Anjum (University of Toledo)
5:30PM to 6:30PM – Concluding Panel
Karuna Mantena (Yale University, Chair)
Emily Greenwood (Yale University)
Stephen Angle (Wesleyan University)
Dimitri Gutas (Yale University)

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