May 23, 2014 - June 1, 2014
Globe at Hay, Institute of Art and Ideas

The Globe at Hay
Newport Street HR3 5BG
United Kingdom


Dianne Abbott
Simon Blackburn
Cambridge University
Margaret A. Boden
University of Sussex
Nancy Cartwright
Durham University
Lyse Doucet
Hubert Dreyfus
University of California, Berkeley
Ted Honderich
Jennifer Hornsby
Birkbeck College, University of London
Owen Jones
Bernard-Henri Levy
David Nutt
Roger Penrose
Oxford University
Thomas Pogge
Yale University
Huw Price
Cambridge University

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HowTheLightGetsIn, the world's largest philosophy and music festival, is back with thought-provoking debates, infectiously danceable music, comedy, and, of course, our legendary parties.

Our theme this year is Heresy, Truth and the Future and we’ve just announced our full programme featuring over 450 events across ten days.

We’ll be joined by leading voices from the worlds of science, politics, philosophy and culture to debate everything from multiverse cosmology to the perils of democracy and discover which of today’s heresies will become the truths of tomorrow.

Highlights Include:

Secrets of the Mind (24th May)
We have no explanation of consciousness. Yet from the origins of life to the workings of the atom, science has provided answers when none were thought possible. Might we crack consciousness as well? Or is this a fantasy?Joanna Kavenna seeks answers from three eminent scientists - physicist Roger Penrose, psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist and psychologist Nicholas Humphrey.

It's An Immaterial World (31st May)
We think we understand what the world is made of. Atoms and, we are now told, bosons quarks and leptons. Yet our theory of matter does not explain thought. Do we need a radically new model to explain how material things and immaterial thought are connected?
American metaphysician John Heil, Biologist and author of The Science Delusion Rupert
Sheldrake,and Australian philosopher of mind Daniel Stoljar think about thinking.

Who's Afraid of the Truth: Bernard-Henri Lévy in conversation with Rana Mitter (24th
France's most public intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy turns his sights on the hypocrisy and blindness of politicians and philosophers alike. Known for fierce opposition to totalitarianism in all its forms, BHL personally persuaded Sarkozy to intervene in Libya and is a radical force in France's cultural life.

Ultimate Proof (31st May)
We think evidence decides the matter. Yet even suicide bombers think they have evidence to support their cause. Should we see independent evidence as an illusion? Would this lead to a chaotic world without foundations or constraint? Or open us to the richness of reality /

Laurie Taylor asks philosopher advisor Nancy Cartwright, Templeton Prize-winning cosmologist George Ellis and American anthropologist Daniel Everett to consider the evidence.

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