Metaphors and Analogies in Evolutionary Biology

June 17, 2014 - June 18, 2014
Bristol University

United Kingdom

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A two-day workshop on Metaphors and Analogies in Evolutionary Biology will take place in the Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol, June 17th-18th 2014.  

This inter-disciplinary workshop is part of the ERC-funded project Darwinism and the Theory of Rational Choice, directed by Professor Samir Okasha.  

Provisional Programme:  

Johannes Martens (Bristol) The organism as rational agent metaphor

Erik Svenson (Lunds) The adaptive landscape metaphor

Andy Gardner (St Andrews) The selfish gene metaphor

Joel Velasco (Texas Tech) The tree-of-life metaphor

Ana Sendova-Franks (Bristol) The superorganism metaphor  

David Crawford (Bristol) The evolution / thermodynamics analogy

Fiona Jordan (Bristol) The biological / cultural evolution analogy

Jason Alexander (LSE) The classical game theory / evolutionary game theory analogy

Ronald Noe (IHPC) The biological market analogy

Oli Lean (Bristol) The genes/language analogy

Richard Watson (Southampton) The evolution / learning analogy  

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