Taking Pregnancy Seriously in Ethics and Epistemology Workshop I

June 18, 2014
University of Southampton

United Kingdom


Hazel Biggs
University of Southampton
Angela Fenwick
University of Southampton
Rebecca Roache
Oxford Centre for Neuroethics
Rosamund Scott
King's College London
Rosemary Wiles
University of Southampton

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Taking Pregnancy Seriously in Ethics and Epistemology I
In applied ethics, much has been written in relation to pregnancy – based either on a conception of pregnancy as the ‘hosting of a stranger’, or focusing on the rights of the foetus whilst disregarding that foetus’s existence as intertwined with that of its mother. Neither of these two approaches takes the unique physical, relation and transformative state of pregnancy seriously. Pregnancy also raises epistemological issues. Does the radically transformative character of pregnancy mean that those who have never been pregnant are excluded from certain kinds of knowledge about pregnancy and its consequences? And are pregnant women taken seriously now as knowers and testifiers?  These epistemological issues have important implications for the appropriate way to approach the ethical debate.

This workshop is one of a series of four in the project Taking Pregnancy Seriously in Metaphysics, funded by the Southampton Ethics Centre and the University of Southampton ‘Adventures in Research’ Scheme.   It will be followed by two workshops on Taking Pregnancy Seriously in Metaphysics and one further workshop on Taking Pregnancy Seriously in Ethics and Epistemology.

Dr Fiona Woollard
School of Humanities
University of Southampton
S017 1BJ, UK
Telephone: 02380594540
Email: [email protected]

Elselijn Kingma
Lecturer in Philosophy
University of Southampton
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June 1, 2014, 10:00am BST

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