Brentano Lectures: Consciousness, Intentionality, Being, Value
Uriah Kriegel (Institut Jean Nicod)

May 8, 2014, 6:00am - 12:00pm
Research Unit 'Phénoménologies', University of Liège

Meeting Room of the Dpt of Philosophy
7, place du XX-Août, A1/3rd floor
Liège B-4000


University of Liège

Topic areas


Thursday, May 8 2014: MIND   First lecture (10-12 AM): Consciousness   Second lecture (2-4 PM): Intentionality     Friday, May 9 2014: WORLD   First lecture (10-12 AM): Being   Second lecture (2-4 PM): Value

Attendance is free. No registration required. This manifestation takes place within the framework of the research project "Renaissance of Philosophy at the Turn of the 20th century: The School of Franz Brentano (1866-1955)"

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