The Ideal of Self-Knowledge — Perspectives from the History of Philosophy

July 10, 2014 - July 12, 2014
Universität Konstanz


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In the last decades, there has been a revival of research on self-knowledge
in philosophy. Yet, the contemporary debate is primarily concerned with that
kind of knowledge which human beings have of their actual mental states by
or while being in them. This has two rather problematic consequences.
Focusing on people’s immediate awareness, it seems hard to understand why
self-knowledge is considered an ideal one should strive for. Historical
approaches, on the other hand, which were primarily examining ideal of
self-knowledge, have largely been neglected. The conference will gather
historians of philosophy working on different periods, who will present
diverse accounts and discuss issues related to the conception of ideal

List of Speakers:
Rachana Kamtekar (Tuscon)
Christopher Shields (Oxford)
Marcel van Ackeren (Münster)
Pauliina Remes (Uppsala)
Scott MacDonald (Ithaca)
Dominik Perler (Berlin)
Christina van Dyke (Grand Rapids)
Ursula Renz (Klagenfurt/Konstanz)
Aaron Garrett (Boston)
Dina Emundts (Konstanz)
Sebastian Rödl (Leipzig)
John Lippitt (Herfordshire)
Bernard Reginster (Providence)
Dermot Moran (Dublin)
Charles Guignon (Tampa)

Dina Emundts, Email: [email protected]
Ursula Renz, Email: [email protected]

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attend: [email protected]
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