CFP: The Evolution of Morality

Submission deadline: March 30, 2012

Conference date(s):
June 12, 2012 - June 16, 2012

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Conference Venue:

Universität Tübingen
Tübingen, Germany

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The Forum Scientiarum of the University of Tübingen is organizing an one-week International Interdisciplinary Summer School on the “The Evolution of Morality”: with Frans de Waal (Emory University in Atlanta, USA) and Gerhard Ernst (University of Stuttgart) which will take place during this year´s Unseld Lectures. For further information about the Unseld Lectures as well as the workshop please see the call for applications and our website.

Program: This year´s Unseld summer school will take place from June 12th afternoon to June 16th noon. Twenty graduate students and junior sci­entists from all over the world will have the opportunity to work on the question of the evolution of morality with Professor Frans de Waal and Professor Gerhard Ernst. In the mornings selected participants will have the opportunity to present their own projects pursuing the evolution of morality and discuss these with the lecturers and the group. The afternoon sessions of the summer school will focus on the works of Frans de Waal and Gerhard Ernst. The attendees of the summer school will also follow the Unseld Lecture on the Evolution of Morality held by Frans de Waal and an interdisciplinary discussion between Frans de Waal and Gerhard Ernst open to the public, both events taking place during the course schedule.

Application procedure 

To apply for the international summer school, participants need to submit an abstract of up to 1000 words presenting their own projects on the topic of the evolution of morality. From these we will select a number to be presented during the morning sessions of the course. In addition, an application form downloadable from our website (, including a statement of motivation, and a CV according to usual standards are required. Deadline for the receipt of complete applications is March 30th. A letter of admission will reach successful applicants by April 15th. 

There is no program fee. The Forum Scientiarum seeks to facilitate the participation of competent students from all over the world – limited financial resources should not affect your decision to apply. We therefore provide participants grants for covering part of their travel expenses, awarded by the Udo Keller Foundation Forum Humanum. Also, the Forum Scientiarum will assist participants finding inexpensive accommodation. 

Applications should be sent to 

[email protected] 

or to our postal address: 
Doblerstr. 33 
72074 Tuebingen 

For further information on the program, the application procedure and sponsorship please see the call for applications and our website:

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