Variations in Arts and Sciences: Aspects of a Relationship Beyond Nature and Technology

December 12, 2012 - December 15, 2012
Universität Bern


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Julia Burbulla
Universität Bern
Ana-Stanca Tabarasi-Hoffmann
Universität, Mainz

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In recent years, the divergence of science and art has become a focus of international research. The most important topic is the artistic relationship between the engineering and natural sciences since the Renaissance. Researchers have also worked on the role of art in social or scientific education. However, the clarification of the traditional function of art, science and technology automatically relativize the modern and popular concept of art independent in the canon of human creations. The myth of autonomous art is questionable.

But - and here the "Variations" conference would like create fresh perspectives – debates should not only desire from the classical polarization between the humanities and natural sciences. Neglected aspects, such as the relationships of the arts to modern anthropology, economic theory, theology and philosophy must be revised too. Just as the influence of scientific theory and/or science policy on artistic creations can also be discussed.

The aim of this conference is not only a short-term scientific exchange. A further and very central concern is the establishment of a European Network in 2014. Applications for funding will be provided in 2013. The conference languages are German, English and French.   

Dr. Julia Burbulla (Uni Bern/FU Berlin) & Dr. Ana-Stanca Tabarasi-Hoffmann (Uni Mainz)

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