Fourth Parma Workshop on Semantics and Pragmatics

September 15, 2014
University of Parma


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Dipartimento A.L.E.F.

Università degli studi di Parma

Plesso di via D'Azeglio, Aula A2


10.00 am   Michael DEVITT (CUNY)

Why Propositions?

11.10 am   Andrea IACONA (Università di Torino)

Two Notions of Logical Form

12.20 pm   Coffee break

12.30 pm   Sam CUMMING (UCLA)

Presuppositions and the Periphery

1.40 pm   Lunch

3.00 pm   Christopher GAUKER (Universität Salzburg)

How Many Bare Demonstratives are there in English?


4.10 pm   Fabrizio CARIANI (Northwestern University)

Predictive Expressions and Modality


5.20 pm   Coffee break


5.30 pm   Joseph ALMOG (University of Turku), Paul NICHOLS (UCLA), and Jessica PEPP ((CSMN, University of Oslo)

The Unity of Pronouns in Ordinary English

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