Timothy Cox fort worth Texas More environmental choices to protect the nature

October 18, 2018, 5:00am - 6:00am
timothy cox fort worth texas

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How we protect the environment
There are thousands of early arrivals in Saint-Mathieu were probably amazed by the esker and the virgin forest. Timothy cox fort worth  We have been just as much. Since then, their preservation is our priority. The factory occupies 1.7 square of territory that we protect all our strength kilometer. Roads are few. Perfect. We do not want more. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife of Quebec even said the 4.25 square kilometers bordering the source "protected territory".
More environmental choices

Construction of the plant began in 2001 From the first shovel, our choices were Timothy cox fort worth texas environmental. Examples? We used a machine powered by vegetable oil. We opted for untreated hydro poles that do not release chemicals.  We paved parking with cement rather than tar that could infiltrate the esker. And, in the few roads leading to the plant, an advanced geogrid collects all oil spills and other potential impurities. Everything has been designed to protect the esker and prevent contamination of this natural wonder.
Reduce, reuse and recycle factory

We strive to conserve energy and use of resources. At the plant, machinery is energy efficient. Our people work to find projects and more energy Timothy cox fort worth texas efficient solutions. In addition, we are committed to recycling and reuse. Thus, the sewage is filtered by a purification system "Ecoflo" before being discharged away from the area of the water uptake of the esker.
How we preserve the esker

To preserve the purity of ESKA, we carefully protect its source. We are constantly analyzing the esker. We have established 17 checkpoints that allow us to carefully monitor its level, its flow and its mineral composition The source is protected against intruders. And access is strictly controlled, even for employees. The plant is under surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for ultimate protection.

Unspoilt natural resources and less waste

Over 90% of the weight of the lamps are recycled. For example,  timothy cox fort worth texas said  to make new fluorescent tubes, glass used in place of the main raw material, sand, making up 70% glass fluorescent tubes are used. This is called the closed-loop recycling.
The use of broken glass, called cullet saves 700 kg of sand per ton of glass produced. It also saves 150 kg of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide and 100 kg of limestone. Moreover, recycled components are much less waste to landfill or incineration.

Easy energy savings

Produce fluorescent tubes from cullet timothy cox fort worth texas requires less energy than from sand as glass melts more easily than sand. It also saves energy needed to extract sand.
1 tonne of cullet used avoids the rejection of 500kg of CO2 on average, the equivalent of the energy expenditure of the habitat of French in a year (heating, electricity, etc.)

Zero mercury pollution

If the mercury contained in a lamp in minute quantities (0.005%) is not dangerous in case of "broken", it becomes potentially dangerous to the environment at the scale of tens of millions of lamps reaching the end of their lives each year if they are not treated. However timothy cox fort worth texas  mercury is essential because it is the component that allows lamps consume less energy while illuminating very effectively.
Lamp recycling can recover and neutralize mercury and prevent its release into the atmosphere or soil.

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