Indeterminacy in Ethics

April 25, 2015
Department of Philosophy, University of Reading

Reading RG6 6AH
United Kingdom


  • Mind Association
  • Wiley

All speakers:

Sara Bernstein
Duke University
Cristian Constantinescu
Birkbeck College, University of London
Tom Dougherty
Cambridge University
Robert Williams
University of Leeds


University of Reading

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Indeterminacy in Ethics

Ratio One-Day Conference

25 April 2015

Philosophers acknowledge that vagueness is pervasive, and there has recently been a lot of  interesting work on vagueness and rational choice. But vagueness seems to raise distinctive problems  for ethical theory in particular. Representative questions include:

  • does ethical vagueness have any implications for moral metaphysics?
  • if it's implausible that there is a minimum threshold for 'tall', can there be one for 'acceptable  level of charitable donation'?
  • if not, can we make sense of indeterminacy in which actions are better or permissible?
  • how ought moral agents act under such indeterminacy?

In this one-day conference, we’ll bring together several leading philosophers to discuss this  emerging area of research.


  • Sara Bernstein (Duke)
  • Cristian Constantinescu (Birkbeck)
  • Tom Dougherty (Cambridge)
  • JRG Williams (Leeds)

Generously supported by Wiley and the Mind Association. We have tried to keep registration costs as low as possible: £20 for staff, £10 for graduate students, and £5 for undergraduate students.

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