Spinoza and Proportion

May 7, 2015 - May 8, 2015
University of Aberdeen

United Kingdom

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Spinoza and Proportion

A conference of the AHRC Equalities of Wellbeing project

7-8 May 2015, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Spinoza and Proportion is the major academic conference of the AHRC Equalities of Wellbeing project. In this project we are investigating how a concept of equality based on geometrical proportion – a concept we take to be present in Spinoza’s philosophy and in architecture – can help us to understand individual and community wellbeing and to develop models for improving the equal distribution of wellbeing through housing design. For more information about the project, see www.equalitiesofwellbeing.co.uk

Organization and information: Beth Lord, University of Aberdeen, s.b.lord@abdn.ac.uk

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