Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat and Women in Philosophy
Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield)

November 12, 2014, 6:00am - 8:00am
University of Graz


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We kindly invite you to the series of lectures WOMEN IN PHILOSOPHY:

SPEAKER:   Jennifer SAUL (Sheffield): "Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat and Women in Philosophy"
DATE:        November 12, 6pm-8pm
VENUE:      Room 09.51, Department of Philosophy, University of Graz

ABSTRACT: There are very few women in philosophy, as compared with other Humanities subjects. Depending on the country, women are 17-30% of full-time employed philosophers. This profile looks much more like the sciences or engineering, and is indeed a far worse case of
underrepresentation than in many sciences. In my talk I will explore some possible causes for this under-representation, focussing in particular on implicit bias and stereotype threat. I will also explore remedies, arguing that they can be motivated both from considerations of justice and from an interest in producing the best possible philosophy.

WOMEN IN PHILOSOPHY is a series of lectures organized by the Philosophy Department at the University of Graz. The series is sponsored by two prizes awarded to the Philosophy Department in Graz for having supported women in recent years. The objectives of the series are to promote philosophy in Graz and to narrow the gender gap in the profession. The events will bring some of the world’s leading philosophers and thereby facilitate the contact of students and faculty with internationally acclaimed women philosophers.

UPCOMING LECTURES (academic year 2014/2015):
-      Katherine HAWLEY (St. Andrews)
-      Christine KORSGAARD (Harvard)
-      Sally HASLANGER (MIT)
-      Barbara HERMAN (UCLA)

Attendance is free and everybody is welcome!

For further information please contact the organizers:

Cristina Borgoni: cristina.borgoni-goncalves(at)
Martina Fürst: martina.fuerst(at)
Sonja Rinofner: sonja.rinofner(at)
Amelie Stuart: amelie.stuart(at)

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