Self and (its) Realization(s)

May 9, 2015 - May 10, 2015
Faculty of Letters, Hokkaido University


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Saulius Geniusas
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Michelle Montague
University of Texas at Austin
Galen Strawson
University of Texas at Austin
Shigeru Taguchi
Hokkaido University
Tomoyuki Yamada
Hokkaido University


Andrea Altobrando
Hokkaido University
Takuya Niikawa
Hokkaido University

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In our everyday lives, we often speak of the need, the aim, the desire or even the duty to “realize ourselves”. Though, it is not actually obvious what is meant by the expression “to realize oneself”. As a matter of fact, both the terms included in such an expression are far from clear. What is the “self” that is supposed to be realized? A person? An ego? A specific form of being which is different from what one “is” as a whole human being? And what does it mean “to realize”? To achieve? To actualize? To create? To shape? Finally: Is self-realization a realization achieved by the self, or can it be a realization of which the self is the product, but which is not accomplished by the self itself? What is the relationship between the realization of the self and the environment, both social and natural, of the self or of its “author”? Should we not, indeed, distinguish between the “actualization of what one is”, i.e. of the (assumed) essence of someone, and the shaping of someone or of someone’s life according to a specific model or ideal?

 Along these lines, another set of problems emerges which concerns the “ontological” and “metaphysical” background of self-realization.

The conference «Self and (its) Realization(s)» will face the aforementioned and other related issues. Next to the talks offered by our invited speakers, we welcome contributions from both other researchers and students aiming to tackle some of the aforementioned issues or other related problems:

- self-realization and social and natural environment

- self-realization and existential feelings

- self-realization and autonomy

- self-realization and self-knowledge

- self-realization and images of the self

- self-realization and identity

- self-realization and teleology

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