first, second and third-person perspectives on the "4Ms" - mind, meaning, morality and modality

February 5, 2015
Philosophy department, Deakin University

Burwood Corporate Centre, Level 2, South room 1
221 Burwood Highway
Burwood 3125

All speakers:

Paul Barry
La Trobe University
Andrew Inkpin
The University of Melbourne
Pierre-Jean Renaudie
Deakin University
Matheson Russell
University of Auckland
Patrick Stokes
Deakin University

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10 J. Reynolds. "The 4Ms as Placement Problems for Scientific Naturalism"

10.45 P. Stokes. "Who Death Harms: Persons, Selves, and the Epicurean Challenge"

11.30 A. Inkpin. "Does language have a first-person perspective?"

12.30 Lunch

1.15 M. Russell. "Second Personalism"

2.15 P. J. Renaudie, "How to describe one's states of mind? The limits of first-person privilege"

3.15 P. Barry. "Morality, Agents, and Reasons"

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