Causality in a Quantum World

August 16, 2015 - August 21, 2015
University of Queensland

Novotel Twin Waters Resort
Sunshine Coast

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Hans Briegel
University of Innsbruck
Jeremy Butterfield
Cambridge University
Phil Dowe
University of Queensland
Fay Dowker
Imperial College London
Alyssa Ney
University of Rochester
Huw Price
Cambridge University
Iñaki San Pedro
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Robert Spekkens
Perimeter Institute


Peter Evans
University of Queensland
Matt Farr
University of Queensland

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There has been much recent interest in the suggestion that quantum mechanics might be better understood in terms of its causal structure. Novel formalism has provided a new perspective on the discrepancy between the causal structure of the classical and quantum worlds. This has significant implications for traditional approaches to the philosophy of causation; for example, that intelligent agents can come to know and control the quantum world in new ways that do not fit the standard formulations of control theory, computer science and artificial learning machines. This conference brings together both physicists and philosophers with an interest in exploring the consequences of this new approach to causality in a quantum world. The conference is part of the research project The Causal Power of Information in a Quantum World.

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June 1, 2015, 5:00am +10:00

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