CFP: 1st Veritas Philosophy Symposium (with Graham Priest and Hartry Field)

Submission deadline: May 29, 2015

Conference date(s):
May 30, 2015 - May 31, 2015

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Conference Venue:

Veritas Research Center, Yonsei University
Incheon, South Korea

Topic areas


The Veritas Research Center is a research center in Underwood International College at Yonsei University, South Korea. The center consists of five research groups covering Asian Studies, Culture & Media Studies, History, Literature, and Philosophy. 

The Veritas Research Center Inaugural Lecture will be given by Prof. Graham Priest (CUNY) on Friday, May 29, 2015. 

The Inaugural Lecture will be followed by the 1st Veritas Philosophy Symposium on May 30-31. One day will be dedicated to Graham Priest's most recent book, One (Oxford University Press, 2014). The other day will be dedicated to a selection of themes from Hartry Field's recent work. 

The Inaugural Lecture and the Symposium are both supported by the Pluralisms Global Research Network, funded by a grant from the National Research Foundation of Korea (  

So far the Symposium speakers include: 

  • Hartry Field (New York University)
  • Graham Priest (CUNY) 


  • Ricki Leigh Bliss (Lehigh University)
  • Ben Burgis (Yonsei University) 
  • Colin Caret (Yonsei University)  
  • Filippo Casati (University of St. Andrews)
  • Yasuo Deguchi (University of Kyoto) 
  • Sungil Han (Seoul National University) 
  • Seahwa Kim (Ewha Womans University) 
  • Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen (Yonsei University) 
  • Takashi Yagisawa (California State University, Northridge)

2-3 speakers slots are available for the Field symposium. The relevant themes are as follows: 

  • Field's epistemic account of validity (the concept of validity expresses a constraint on degrees of belief and disbelief)
  • Field's epistemic expressivism
  • Field's recent work on truth and paradox 

If you are interested in being considered for one of the available slots, please email your submission to Nikolaj J. L. L. Pedersen ([email protected]) by midnight on Sunday, April 12 (GMT). Submissions must not exceed 4,000 words and must be prepared for blind review. Author details (name, position, affiliation, contact details) should be stated in a separate document. 

Notifications of acceptance will be given by midnight on Sunday, April 19 (GMT). No travel support is available. However, on-campus accommodation and meals will be provided from Thursday, May 28 to Tuesday, June 2. 

The symposium organizers plan to submit a proposal for a special issue to a peer-reviewed international journal. If the proposal gets approved, speakers will be invited so submit their paper for review. 

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