Reflections on Farabi's Introduction and Conclusion in Nawamis
Mostafa Younesie (assistant professor )

May 11, 2015, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Department of political Science , Tarbiat Modares University


Topic areas


     This lecture will begin with a short introduction about writing in the form of manuscripts as the basis of Arabic medeaval research and knowledge. Then three extant pertinent -to-Laws Arabic manuscripts of Leiden (L), Kabul (K) and Escorial (E) will be collated in order to have a general view of the Arabic  manuscript traditions related to Plato's Nomoi. Then the modern editions by Gabreili, Mahdi, Badawi and Druart. And in this context Al-Farabi own narration and reception of this manuscript at the end of his Nawamis will be considered.

        After this initial necessary preface, Al-farabi introduction (about 1.5 in  Arabic)will be considered word by word in order to consider these points:

  1. Why Mawamis and not other equivalents for the Greek word nomoi?
  2. His overall approach for engaging with Nawamis?
  3. His method for reading Plato?
  4. His literary form of presentation?
  5. His Arabic language? and the like.

      Thereby there is an opportunity to explore Al-farabi own conception and understanding of the Plato's Nomoi. 

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