The computer as metaphor for the world: a Heideggerian perspective
Martin Leckey (The University of Melbourne)

May 29, 2015, 10:15am - 11:45am
School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, The University of Melbourne

Old Physics-G16 (Jim Potter Room)
University of Melbourne
Melbourne 3010


Kristian Camilleri
University of Melbourne

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In this paper I present a model of reality based on the idea of prespace, which is a structure more fundamental than space. The model can be seen as spanning metaphysics and speculative theoretical physics.  In explaining the model, I utilises the metaphor of a computer to represent the world. In the first part of the paper, I give an outline of my model and what it implies for the metaphysics of space and quantum mechanics. In the second part, I shift to a discussion of some of the implications my model and the computer metaphor have for questions regarding meaning and value. In particular, I address a possible objection to my model – that it might fuel what Heidegger calls the technological understanding of being: an understanding of being that threatens human beings and the world we live in. I argue that although my model may appear to reinforce this technological understanding, it actually can be seen as providing a metaphor for the later Heidegger’s meta-ontology. As such, it makes room for a variety of ways of revealing the world, and so has more in common with Heidegger’s hoped-for post-metaphysical thinking.

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