Cartesian Epistemology

June 5, 2015 - June 6, 2015
Centre d'Etudes Cartésiennes, Paris-Sorbonne University, SND, Ecole Doctorale V, Paris-Sorbonne University

Salle D 040, Maison de la Recherche
28 Rue Serpente
Paris 75006

Main speakers:

Peter Baumann
Swarthmore College
Alain Boyer
Paris-Sorbonne University
Stewart Cohen
Arizona State University
Olivier Dubouclez
University of Liège
Pritchard Duncan
University of Edinburgh
Richard Fumerton
University of Iowa
Xavier Kieft
Paris-Sorbonne University
David Rabouin
CNRS, SPHERE (U of Paris 7-Diderot)
Jean-Baptiste Rauzy
Paris-Sorbonne University
Ernest Sosa
Rutgers University


Vincent Carraud
Paris-Sorbonne University
Stefano Cossara
Paris-Sorbonne University
Xavier Kieft
Paris-Sorbonne University
Jean-Baptiste Rauzy
Paris-Sorbonne University
Xiaoxing Zhang
Paris-Sorbonne University

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We are pleased to announce that the conference “Cartesian Epistemology” will be hosted by Paris-Sorbonne University in Paris on 5th and 6th June.

Conference venue: Salle D 040, Maison de la Recherche, 28 Rue Serpente 75006 Paris

The conference is coorganised by SND (Sciences, Normes, Décision) and le Centre d’Etudes Cartésiennes, Paris-Sorbonne University. It tends to promote communications between contemporary epistemologists and scholars on Descartes.

In spite of its remarkable development and diversity, contemporary epistemology largely inherits Descartes’ philosophical problems and his conceptual framework. The position of “Cartesian epistemology” is however not as clear as the label suggests. It is often endorsed by either side of current debates, e.g., internalism versus externalism, foundationalism versus coherentism. Contemporary epistemology actually consisting in laborious efforts to clarify such obscurities, we consider it beneficial to be aware of how these efforts can be conceived from the perspective of Cartesianism.

The conference “Cartesian Epistemology” will be a highlight on such issues. It will be an occasion to debate about the plausibility of the position, as well as the way in which it should be defined.

Contact information: Stefano Cossara , Xiaoxing Zhang

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