A view on beginning of science and mathematics

part of: Consciousness
October 16, 2015, 5:00am - 5:30am
Center for Cognition and Neuroethics, University of Michigan-Flint, University of Michigan-Flint

4800 S Saginaw Street
Flint 48507
United States

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  • Insight Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience

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 1. Freedom is the teleological causality of the universe. To explain freedom as the teleological causality of the universe, we have to, begin by defining freedom meaningfully. A direct definition of something so diversely used is not possible, but there is one way to generalize its meaning that encompasses all varieties of freedom: utilizing ‘constraints on freedom' to explain freedom. If freedom from constraints is the definition of freedom, the nature of constraints (which give diverse meanings to freedom), becomes irrelevant. The state of no constraints is the state of total freedom which is the ultimate state that matter (and the living, and on to the man) is in search of but has not been realized as yet. Thus, there is no unlimited freedom, in all cases of the analysis of freedom we encounter constraints on freedom, and thus freedom has boundaries within which it is confined. Boundaries of freedom and the manner of their change are thus the fruitful way to examine freedom. There is also an intimate connection between freedom and knowledge; a little reflection will show that all constraints are connected to one and only one entity: lack of knowledge.

3. From matter onwards it is the search for freedom or 'knowledge to overcome constraints' (progress on freedom is progress on the improvement of knowledge)  that has guided the progress of the universe, it contains the genesis of what the universe is all about. space and time are flows of energy created by matter itself by converting its potential energy into Kinetic energy with a unique combination of the fundamental constants of nature (velocity of light, Gravitational constant, G and h the Planck's constant). the space flow is a flow having a density of mass, its flow has the same velocity as the velocity of light, time naturally emerges from velocity which is distance divided by time. Once we agree on space being a flow (as a falsifiable postulate, it is easy to see that the meaning of length, mass and time and process of counting that goes with it (1, 2, 3, ...) and also the units of mass, length and time got created with the absolute flow of space and time. Mathematics is no eternal entity separate from other realities of the world, it emerged along with space and time (space and time creation is a mechanical process as any other mechanical process on the earth).          

2. For this view, we have a philosophy of physics, and mathematics but the new entity is the provision of consciousness and a built-in urge to freedom to matter. from the freedom principle also build the a theory of (and the philosophy of) evolution and that of social sciences. 

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