Trans* Experience in Philosophy Conference

May 13, 2016 - May 15, 2016
Philosophy Department, University of Oregon

United States

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Keynote speakers:

Talia Mae Bettcher
C. Riley Snorton

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Trans* Experience in Philosophy Conference

May 13-15, 2016, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

This conference aims to explore the intersections between transgender studies and philosophy by bringing philosophical reflections to bear on trans* experience, representation, identity, and politics. We welcome papers that engage a variety of issues or topics, including but not limited to trans* embodiment, ethical concerns specific to trans* persons, the relationship between transgender studies and feminist philosophy, and how classical philosophical frameworks might elucidate aspects of trans* experience. Through these reflections, we also hope to interrogate our understanding and practice of inclusivity in academia. Considering the attention given to the status of women in philosophy in more recent years, we are particularly interested in addressing the practices, content, and implicit biases of philosophy with regard to non-conforming genders and non-cisgender bodies.

Papers engaging with trans* experience and perspectives broadly construed from all philosophical and interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches are welcome. Priority will be given to submissions with an intersectional emphasis and, when relevant, of those directly affected by or self-reflectively allied with the trans* persons.

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Talia Mae Bettcher

Featured Panel: Trans* Lives in Academia (Facilitator: TBA)

Critical Conversation Workshop: Feminist Inclusivity and Transfeminisms

This workshop seeks to problematize and ponder ways to remedy the exclusion of transwomen that continue to prevail implicitly or explicitly in certain strands of feminist thought and politics. It aims to grapple with issues of inclusion within feminist philosophy in particular and explore new definitions of transfeminisms. This will be a participant led workshop.

This conference is generously supported by Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy through the Hypatia Diversity Project Grants.

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