Spinoza-Leibniz Workshop at Michigan State University

April 29, 2016 - May 1, 2016
Department of Philosophy, Michigan State University

East Lansing
United States

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Selected speakers:

Martha Bolton
Rutgers University
Michael Della Rocca
Yale University
Emily Grosholz
Penn State University


John Grey
Michigan State University
Debra Nails
Michigan State University

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The aims and purpose of the history of philosophy have recently been the subject of an important debate in the Journal of the History of Philosophy, centered on the interpretation of Spinoza. One of the issues arising from this discussion is the question of how our understanding of philosophy's history ought to be related to contemporary philosophical debates. This workshop is an effort to promote further discussion of this methodological issue, as well as to promote research that unifies inquiry into philosophy with inquiry into its history.

With this goal in mind, the 2016 Spinoza-Leibniz Workshop at Michigan State University will feature papers that illuminate the significance of Spinoza and/or Leibniz for contemporary philosophy, or vice versa. What lessons can we learn from the works of historical authors, like Spinoza and Leibniz, which could be applied to philosophical debates unfolding today? And conversely, what lessons from contemporary philosophy could help us to better understand — or more carefully criticize — the thought of these historical figures?


A call for abstracts will be issued shortly. If you have questions about the Workshop, please contact John Grey (greyjohn@msu.edu) for more details.

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April 15, 2016, 5:00am EST

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