Women in Philosophy: Why Race and Gender Still Matter

April 28, 2012
Notre Dame of Maryland University

United States

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Keynote speakers:

Donna-Dale Marcano
Trinity College

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Although “intersectionality,” the difficult yet productive attempt to theorize race, class, gender, disability, sexuality, etc. together, has been a conceptual framework for more than a decade in the U.S. academy, it is almost entirely absent as a recognized philosophical theme or framework within the larger discipline of philosophy.

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REGISTRATION 9:00-9:30 am Gibbons 5th Floor, Room 516  

MORNING SESSION I 9:30-10:45 Gibbons Hall, 2nd Floor  

Concurrent session A 1. Epistemic Injustice, Moderator:  

What could be the reason for the lack of academic response to promising ethno-philosophical concepts? Amir Salehi

Epistemic Injustice and Intersectionality, Nancy Daukas

Bias Matters, Lauren Weis  

Concurrent session B 2. Identity, Moderator:  

Dismantling Purity: Toward a Feminist Curdling of Hawaiian Identity, Brooke Schueneman

Arab-American Racial Formation: From the 1880s to post 9/11, Tony Chackal

Bilad wa Dawla: Reimagining the System/Lifeworld Distinction in an Arab Women's ESL Classroom, Emily Regan Wills  

Concurrent Session C 3. Race and Gender I , Moderator:  

Intersectionality and Continental Feminist Philosophy: Rosi Braidotti’s Recent Work, Iveta Jusova

Intersectionality and [White] Feminist Philosophy: Problems, Projects, and Prospects, Alison Bailey

Prostitutes, Race, and Feminist Art: Responses to “Lovely Six Foota,” Yolonda Wilson    

MORNING SESSION II 11-12:15 Gibbons Hall, 2nd Floor  

Concurrent session D 4.  Freedom and Equality, Moderator:  

Freedom from Prejudice as Hegemonic Bias: Why Race and Gender Matter for Standards of Taste, Mae Z. Liou

Freedom as Going Off Script, Jennifer Benson Formal Equality: A Conceptual Framework for the Equal Protection of Women across Cultures, Chong Un Choe  

Concurrent session E 5. Women in Philosophy, Moderator:  

Orphic Echoes: Voices of Ancient Greek Women Philosophers, Laureen Park

When They Listened Before They Spoke:  Feminine Mimesis in Ancient Philosophy of Religion, Maggie Anne Labinski

Add Women and Stir: Why Simply Adding Women to the Philosophical Cannon Isn't Enough, Margaret Betz  

Concurrent session F 6. Motherhood and Sexuality, Moderator:  

Cybernation at Risk: the Value of Genetic Knowledge in Contemporary Medical Models, Kelsey Borrowman

The Matrilineal Servitude Statute and Miscegenation Laws: An Essay on their Impact on Notions of Motherhood and Female Sexuality, Jessica Patella Konig

60 Years Later: Feminine and Maternal Still Not Valued, Jessica Otto  

AFTERNOON SESSION III 1:30-3:00 Knott Science Auditorium  

Keynote Address: “Whiteness and Women of Color in Feminist Theory or Considerations of Race and Sex Analogies in Contemporary Feminism” by Dr. Donna-Dale Marcano, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College, Hartford, CT  

AFTERNOON SESSION IV 3:15-4:30 (one session runs until 5:00) Knott Science , 1st Floor  

Concurrent session G 7.  Moral Innovation, Moderator:  

Moral Innovation and the Problem of Reception, Mavis L. Biss

St. Anselm on Loving the Right Thing, Marta Layton Empathy: Facing the Broken Mirror of Meaning, Pegah Lashgarlou  

Concurrent session H 8.  Analytic Approaches to Intersectionality, Moderator:  

Historical Kinds and Conflicting Functions: An Ontological Framework for the Study of Intersectionality, Theodore Bach

Transitional Subjects: Gender, Race, and the Timing of the Real, Marie Draz Realism without Essentialism in Feminist Jurisprudence, Seth Vannatta  

Concurrent session J 9. Race and Gender, II (3-5 pm) , Moderator:  

How race and gender matter: The case for intersectionality in feminist philosophy, Heather Rakes

Past as prologue: Intersectional Analysis in Nineteenth Century Philosophies of Race and Gender,  Kristin Waters

Nonsense as Discourse: The Continuing Importance of Critical Race and Feminist Analysis, Jeanine Weekes Schroer

Caster Semenya: Reasoning Up Front with Race, Janine Jones

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April 28, 2012, 7:00pm EST

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