Annual South African Philosophy of Science Colloquium

January 13, 2013
Department of Philosophy, University of Pretoria

Salt Rock Beach Hotel
South Africa

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08.30           Welcome

08.45     Section 1: Progress, method, truth

  1. Alex Broadbent & Thad Metz (University of Johannesburg, SA) Ubuntu and the Scientific Method. Chair:  Han Geurdes
  2. Han Geurdes (Logica) On an Intrinsic Quantum Theoretical Structure inside Einstein's Gravity Field Equations. Chair:  Hennie Lötter
  3. Hennie Lötter (University of Johannesburg, SA) Elements of a Theory of Truth in Science. Chair: Dean Peters
  4. Dean Peters (University of Johannesburg) Predictivism and the confirmation of scientific theories. Chair: Tim McMynne

10.05   Discussion 1    Chair: David Spurrett

10.30   TEA/COFFEE

11.00   Section 2: Logic

  1. Tim Mcmynne (Leuven, Belgium) Outflanking the Vicious Circle (in Dummett’s terms). Chair: Adriano Palma
  2. Adriano Palma (Universityof Kwa-Zulu Natal, SA) Logic as a Science. Chair: Alan Baker
  3. Alan Baker (Swathmore College, US) Mathematical Explanation in Biology. Chair: David Spurrett

12.00   Discussion 2    Chair: Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem

12.20   LUNCH

13.30   Section 3: Realism

  1. David Spurrett (University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, SA) What does Neuro-Economics reduce, and to What? Chair: Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem
  2. Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem (University of Pretoria, SA) Retrospection in Selective Realisms. Chair: Darrell Rowbottom
  3. Darrell Rowbottom (Lingnan University, Hong Kong) The Illusion of Scientific Realism. Chair: John Collier

14.30   Discussion 3    Chair: Thad Metz

14.50   TEA/COFFEE

15.20   Section 4: Metaphysics

  1. John Collier (University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, SA) Functionality and Autonomy in Open Dynamical Systems. Chair: Guilia Pravato
  2. Guilia Pravato (Ca' Foscari University, Venice) Natural Laws and Social Conventions: Exceptions as a Case Study. Chair: Thad Metz

16.00      Discussion 4 Chair: Hennie Lötter

16.20 – 17.00   Closing Statements -  David Papineau (King’s
College London, UK)

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