Worlds Apart? Aristotelian and Contemporary Engagement in Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Biology

April 14, 2016 - April 15, 2016
Department of Philosophy, University of Utah

Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building 459 (Tanner Philosophy Library)
University of Utah Department of Philosophy, 215 S. Central Campus Dr.
Salt Lake City 84112
United States


  • University of Utah Department of Philosophy
  • University of Utah Tanner Humanities Center

All speakers:

Klaus Corcilius
University of California, Berkeley
Melinda Bonnie Fagan
University of Utah
Andrea Falcon
Concordia University, Montreal
Sabine Föllinger
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Matt Haber
University of Utah
William Jaworski
Fordham University
James Lennox
University of Pittsburgh
Mariska Leunissen
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Michael Loux
University of Notre Dame
Laura Nuño de la Rosa
Konrad Lorenz Institute, Vienna
Michael Peramatzis
University of Oxford
Anne Siebels Peterson
University of Utah
Diana Quarantotto
Sapienza Università di Roma
Denis Walsh
University of Toronto


Anne Siebels Peterson
University of Utah

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This conference advances the exchange of ideas between scholars who focus on Metaphysics or Philosophy of Biology in Aristotle and scholars who focus on Metaphysics or Philosophy of Biology in the contemporary scene.  Its guiding motivation is that both directions of this exchange can be strengthened in conversation with each other.  Of course, philosophical analysis focused primarily on historical exegesis or primarily on contemporary relevance has a key role to play in this dialogue; the exchange, after all, will only be as strong as its starting points.  Exploring potential points of relevance between Aristotle’s Metaphysics and Philosophy of Biology and these disciplines as they are currently pursued, the conference centers on Aristotle's thought with an eye toward questions concerning its relevance within the contemporary world.

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