CFP: APORIA, the University St Andrews' Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

Submission deadline: March 11, 2016

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This year APORIA is publishing two electonic editions of our undergraduate journal, and a single hard-copy edition with just the four best papers from both. Having already chosen from our first submissions, we are now looking for submissions for our second electronic edition, and competition is still open for the hard-copy edition and the essay prizes.

A prize worth £150 will be offered to the best submission, £50 offered for the runner-up. Everyone whose submission has been chosen for publication in the paper edition will receive a complimentary copy of said edition.

This year, the editors of Aporia are looking for Philosophy essays that:

- Are written by undergraduate students of Philosophy, or people who have recently graduated and have not yet completed a year of postgraduate studies in Philosophy.

- Are between 1,500 and 4,500 words long, excluding bibliography (no submissions longer than the stated word limit will be accepted).

- Are broadly analytic in style and approach to philosophical issues.

- Have complete bibliographies in Harvard style.

- Are written in standard academic English.

- Include an abstract of no longer than 500 words (this will not count towards your word limit).

Please email your submissions, along with an abstract no longer than 500 words, to Celia Coll, the editor in chief at You should be hearing back from us within 3 weeks of each deadline. Please note that it is possible that publication will be contingent on your submission’s undergoing certain revisions. We look forward to reading all your submissions.

Best wishes,

The Editors

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