Fourth Annual Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethical Theory (WiNE)

January 3, 2013 - January 8, 2013
University of Arizona

Westward Look resort
United States

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Keynote speakers:

Julia Annas
University of Arizona
Brad Hooker
University of Reading
Shelly Kagan
Yale University

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Thursday January 3, 2013:

5:15--6:30 pm KENDRICK LECTURE
Brad Hooker (University of Reading) 
The Quintuple Theory in Normative Ethics
Chair: TBA

7:00 pm Dinner (Gold Restaurant at Westward Look Resort, fixed menu with a set price) 

Friday January 4, 2013

8:30--9:40am Bradford Cokelet (University of Miami) 
Rethinking Virtue Ethics: Moral Motivation without Obligation
Chair: TBA

9:50--11:00am Matthew Hanser (University of California, Santa Barbara) 
Acting Wrongly by Trying
Chair: TBA

11:10--12:20pm David Boonin  (University of Colorado, Boulder) 
Parfit’s Latest Defense of the No Difference View
Chair:  Andrew Ross (Queens University)

12:30--1:30pm Lunch at Westward Look

1:30--2:40pm Carla Bagnoli  (University of Modena & Reggio Emilia)
Practical Wisdom and Equality
Chair: TBA

2:50--4:00pm Earl Conee  (University of Rochester)
Doing Right by Virtue
Chair: TBA

Julia Annas  (University of Arizona)
Why Virtue Ethics Does Not Have a Problem With Right Action
Chair: Dan Russell (University of Arizona)

6:30pm Dinner (Wildflower Grill, 7037 N. Oracle Rd. in the Casa Adobes Plaza at the SW corner of Oracle and Ina Road) 
Fixed menu with a set price.

Saturday January 5, 2013

8:30--9:40am Eric Wiland  (University of Missouri, St. Louis)
Rossian Deontology and the Problem of Moral Expertise 
Chair: TBA

9:50--11:00am Christian Miller  (Wake Forest University)
Lack of Virtue and Vice: Studies of Aggression and 
Their Implications for the Empirical Adequacy of Character 

Chair: TBA

11:10--12:20pm Jussi Suikkanen  (University of Birmingham)
Contractualism and the Conditional Fallacy 
Chair: TBA 

12:30--1:30pm Workshop-sponsored buffet, Westward Look

1:30--2:40pm Christian Piller  (University of York)
What is Goodness Good For?
Chair: TBA 

2:50--4:00pm Jennifer Hawkins (Duke University)
Well-Being: What Matters Beyond the Mental?
Chair: TBA

Shelly Kagan  (Yale)
An Introduction to Ill-Being
Chair: Ben Bramble (University of Sydney)

6:30pm Dinner (at El Charro, located on Oracle Road, north of Ina Road. Fixed menu, set price)

Registration is free and open to all. You may register by emailing: [email protected] Mark C. Timmons will send periodic updates to those who register.

Information about the Westward Look resort in Tucson (where the workshop will be held) and about travel and accommodations is available on the website:

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