Dynamic Semantics

May 30, 2016 - May 31, 2016
ZAS Berlin

Schützenstr. 18
Berlin 10117

Main speakers:

Gennaro Chierchia
Harvard University
Manfred Krifka
ZAS, Berlin
Carlotta Pavese
New York University
Jim Pryor
New York University
Daniel Rothschild
Phillipe Schlenker
Institut Jean Nicod, ENS
University of California, Berkeley

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Standard semantic theories model the meaning of a sentence as a proposition. In contrast to this static view, dynamic frameworks tie sentential meaning more closely to the way sentences change the conversational background. Most famously, this is done by modeling the meaning of a sentence as an instruction for updating the context. The shift in focus away from propositional content towards update rules has inspired influential new approaches to phenomena ranging from presupposition and anaphora to conditionals and epistemic modality. With this workshop, we aim to explore and re-evaluate foundational issues of the dynamic program from both an empirical and a conceptual perspective.

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