April 1, 2012
PHLING, University of Maryland, College Park

College Park
United States

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Keynote speakers:

Paul Pietroski
University of Maryland, College Park
Achille Varzi
Columbia University

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PHLING, a graduate student research group in philosophy and linguistics at the University of Maryland, is hosting its first interdisciplinary research symposium, PHLINC (Philosophy & LinguisticsColloquium) on events

PHLINC program

Saturday Mar. 31

9-10              Breakfast & registration

10-10:45       Brendan Ritchie & Chris Vogel, Maryland. TBA.

10:45-11:30  Brent Strickland & Brian Scholl, Yale. "Visual perception involves 'event type' representations: The case of containment vs. occlusion."

11:30-11:45    Break

11:45-12:30   Lilia Rissman, Kyle Rawlins, & Barbara Landau, Johns Hopkins. "Event participants and verbal semantic structure."

12:30-1:15    Joshua Hartshorne, Timothy O'Donnell, Yasutada Sudo, Miki Uruwashi, & Jesse Snedeker, Harvard. "Linking event structure to language: Linguistic universals and variation."

1:15-3         Lunch (on your own)

3-4:15         Invited talk: Achille Varzi, Columbia. TBA.

4:15-5         Discussion

6                 Dinner party @ Queensbury house

Sunday Apr. 1

9:30-10         Breakfast

10-10:45       Robert Rovetto, University at Buffalo. "Processing events: toward a specialization of temporally-extended entities." 

10:45-11:30  Ashley Atkins, Princeton. "Making progress."

11:30-11:45  Break

11:45-12:30  Kaeli Ward, UCLA. "Durativity in Chechen pluractionality."

12:30-1:15    Curt Anderson, Michigan State. "Dimensions of comparison determine telicity in verbal comparatives."

1:15-3           Lunch (on your own)

3-4:15           Invited talk: Paul Pietroski, Maryland. "Event variables and framing effects"

4:15-5           Discussion

Note that as this is a graduate student symposium, we will make special efforts to help with accommodations in College Park or Washington, D.C., and transportation to the university.

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